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Au port du Salut

Semi Gourmet Restaurant | Paris

Welcome to « Au Port du Salut », a classified historical monument, filled with history.

Previously an inn of the same name, the building was constructed during the 18th century and succeeded an even older establishment, which, during the 15th century, was frequented by the poet Francois Villon.

Later on it became a celebrated cabaret where, between 1955 and 1982, many artists, who are now such a huge part of French musical history, started their careers. Amongst these artists were : Bernard Lavalette (1955), Guy Béart, Barbara et Pierre Doris (1956), Georges Moustaki et René-Louis Lafforgue (1957), Jean Yanne et Anne sylvestre (1959), Serge Gainsbourg et Jean Ferrat (1960), Romain Bouteille (1961), Pierre Perret (1962), Boby Lapointe (1963), Les Enfants terribles (1966), Jacques Debronckart (1968) Patrick Sébastien (1975), René-Louis Baron (1980)…

Aside from the musical aspect, many more artists were produced here: Bernard Montangero, François Corbier, Pia Colombo, Jacques Maillot, Jacques Delord, Paul Préboist, Bernard André, Guy Bedos and Coluche in 1972, to name just a few.

The actor come poet, Jean Pierre Maury, famously created casts of the faces of different personalities who played here during the cabaret’s heyday. After spending many years in the cabaret business he came to join the Port du salut, where he presented his casts, and later took up co-ownership with Francoise Rosier, following the depart of Jacques Massebeuf.

As a way of respecting the historic heritage of the building, there are musical interludes every evening and the objective for the future is to recreate the artistic buzz of the most wonderful period at the Port du Salut.

Patrick Arranz, who has recently taken over the restaurant, proposes to his clients a semi-gastronomic cuisine, based on the use of fresh products, created by his son Marius.

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